Restaurant deep cleaning service: peace of mind for hoteliers and restaurateurs

Hospitality sector is one of the most demanding business areas. As a restaurateur, pub owner or hotelier, you know how important the reputation is to your business. You also know that you may be at risk of losing business unless the hygiene standards in your premises are top notch.

At Solid Clearing, we understand that your restaurant must be properly cleaned to ensure:

  • safety of your staff and customers
  • reduction of food poisoning risk
  • compliance with H&S law
  • satisfaction of your customers

For that we offer comprehensive cleaning of commercial kitchens within hospitality sector.

R and R Solid Cleaning works in your area

We offer restaurant deep cleaning service in and around Chelmsford, Maldon, Witham, Braintree, Wickford, Billericay, Harlow and Epping

Kitchen deep cleaning

Kitchens are particularly exposed to a variety of contaminants which can easily spread onto food.  So to prepare and successfully sell food that is safe to your customers, it is vital to maintain good kitchen hygiene standards.

Our deep cleaning service for commercial kitchens includes:

  • Removal of heavy grease deposits from ovens and cookers
  • Deep cleaning of fryers and grills
  • Cleaning of canopy and filter changing
  • Cleaning of extraction systems
  • Sensitization of all kitchen cabinets, countertops, prep- tables and all surfaces (walls and floors)
  • Disinfections of fridges, freezers, walk in refrigeration rooms and storage room
  • Sensitization of slicers, cutting boards, utensils holders and bins

Floors and dining areas

Dirty restaurant floors are not only unattractive but they also pose a health and safety risk to your employees and customers. We will vacuum clean all carpeted and upholstered areas and sweep and brush all the tiled ones, reaching all those tricky places under the booths, tables and bar.

Wash rooms

The cleanliness of your washroom facilities will influence your customers’ opinion about your restaurant and consequently affect its profitability.

We will scrub toilet bowls and seats, mop the floor around the toilets. Clean the doors, door handles and remove all lime scale from the sink faucets. We will disinfect the soap dispenser and toilet brush holders. Finally, we will clean all mirrors and tiled area to give them fresh, attractive look.

To discuss your needs and for a free estimate, call now on 0124 560 0204.

kitchen sink cleaning in restaurant
Restaurant deep cleaning service - kitchen interior
empty restaurant interior after deep cleaning job