Who we Are

Dear Customer,

Best ideas are born out of necessity. This was true for our family business too.

Back in 2012 we were a young family who desperately tried to juggle home and work responsibilities. As many young people we dreamt of having our own enterprise in a place we love. Then we heard from our friends that they too find it difficult. During weekends, instead of enjoying life, they were endlessly cleaning house, tiding rooms and washing.

We listened to all those concerns and our idea for a family business started to take shape.

We decided to turn our attention and business acumen to the cleaning industry. We both had experience in this area and both knew that we wanted to make it our profession. We were and still are very serious about the cleaning services. We see cleaning as a way of offering people one thing they cannot buy – time.

Ever since we started our business activity we knew we wanted to be better and different to our competitors. Our focus was always on customer service and gaining customers trust. Our reputation is key to us and we care about what people think about our jobs.

We continuously expand our services – recently we introduced a steam mobile car wash which proves very popular with our clients.

We only work with trusted and trained operatives who share our values and understand our business.

In future we would like to become the favourite cleaning company in Chelmsford, a place that is a one stop shop for our customers to find a genuinely high quality cleaning service.

Anna and Ryszard